10+ Trending Green Products for Sustainable Living.

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50+ Trending Green Energy Products for Sustainable Living.

Why Green Products?

It doesn’t matter what the scientists, eco-friendly advocates or the government is saying regarding environmental impact of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources, what matters is how observant we are on the latest changes in our immediate environment.

The result of this impact stare us right in the face daily, but we are too busily engrossed in our pursuit of happiness, that we neglect these glaring warnings. Fortunately, going green provides a promising head-way to help curb the impact of these warnings.

To go green, means adopting eco-friendly lifestyle and using green products which I will tell you more about in a bit. Lets move on.

Green energy products and sustainability

Human activities contribute greatly to environmental mishaps and non-sustainable living. Human impact on the environment;

  1. affects water quality,
  2. causes environmental pollution,
  3. promotes emission of greenhouse gases,
  4. causes deforestation,
  5. depletes natural resources and,
  6. contribution to climate change.

Some steps taken to bring eco-lifestyle to being can be seen in some countries. As an example;by 2030, the government of Netherlands wants 70% of all her electricity to be generated using eco-friendly sources.

In a 2018 survey of about 2000 American adults on alternative energy choices, 70 percent of respondents said America should produce 100 percent of its electricity from green energy sources; more than half thought green energy resources were a good idea even if energy bills are increased.

So, What is green energy?

Green energy is generated from natural sources such as sun, water, wind, tides, plants, rain, natural gases, algae and geothermal heat (heat generated in the earth crust).

They are also renewable, inexhaustible and free from toxic substances that causes damage to the environment and humans.

On the other hand, fossil fuels comes from non-renewable sources which are finite, and will continue to diminish with use.

They also contains and/or releases substances that cause harm to the environment and humans. Coal, crude oil, wood are some examples of fossil fuel.

What is Green Products?

Green products are products and technologies that generates green power which offer the least environmental damage to our planet – earth and immediate surroundings. They are environmentally-friendly energy-saving devices that provide sustainable living.

Even though the production of these products may not be 100 percent environmentally-friendly, their long term benefits greatly exceeds its downsides.

This can be seen in the construction of solar panels and wind mills, where the electricity used in factories and some materials used in making these products are powered by fossil fuels which releases carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere.

Long-term Advantages of Using Green Products

Using green products over time has both environmental, economic and health benefits. The environmental benefits on the long run include:

  1. Improvement in quality of air and water.
  2. More stable climate – reduction in hurricanes, tornadoes cyclones and wildfires.
  3. Replenishing of the ozone layer.
  4. Less global warming.
  5. Reduction in individual carbon footprint.

Economic benefits of using green products include:

  1. Job creation.
  2. Reduced cost of electricity.
  3. Increase in green energy investment.
  4. Increases disposable income.
  5. Lower reliance foreign energy resources.

Health benefits of using green products include:

  1. Reduced amount of toxic gases which damages the lungs.
  2. Provides healthier atmosphere since oxygen is abundant.
  3. Reduces cardiovascular related diseases.

Since we now understand the importance of green products, lets dig straight into the trending products that are making wave in the renewable energy industry.

Solar-Powered Green Products and Appliances

Solar energy, can be trapped by means of a photovoltaic cells, stored in a lithium-ion acid battery and used in making several products.

There have been great wealth of innovation in the solar industry, as evident in the roll-out of new and amazing products within the past decade.

 Everyone has embraced electronic gadget and will quickly accept solar powered product when they learn about its benefits; just as it is with the electric cars.

Tariff imposed charges is the major drawback to the massive adoption of these products, since some products are costlier than others.

But, government policies are working to see that hard and soft costs are reduced, making solar powered systems more affordable and as efficient as possible. Here is a list of some awesome and trending solar-powered green product to buy today.

1) Solar-powered Phone Charger

Use the solar-powered charger as a back-up pack to charge your mobile phone and other portable devices like Bluetooth headphones, tablets, iPads, portable speakers, etc.

Solar-powered charger is useful in many ways. It can be used in an emergency when there is no grid power to charge your device and can be used during outdoor activities or camping where there is no access to power supply mains.

Anker is one of the leading makers of solar-powered phone chargers. Other notable makers are; the Goal Zero, Nektech, X-Dragon, Blavor Solar, Dizual Portable Charger, RAV Power and BioLite SolarPanel 5+

If you spend any time outdoors, enjoy traveling, or live in an area with frequent power outages, having electricity powered by this solar-powered green product is extremely beneficial.

2) Solar-powered Security Camera:

Solar-powered security camera has all the features of the cable type except that the former is plug and play with all its features compact in one piece. They are also know for being easy to install

They are used to monitor outdoor, off-grid locations or remote places where using the cable type security camera would be unworkable or too expensive. Places like construction sites, barns, farms, rural houses, etc. Some are WiFi enabled so it can communicate in wireless mode with a display device. Some have SD card slot for storage purposes.

Notable brands of solar-powered security camera are Reolink Argus 2, Soliom Bird S60, Lynx Solar Camera, ENSTER Solar, and Ring Stick-Up Cam. The cost can be between USD 50 – 500 or more per piece.

3) Solar-powered Flashlight

Camping, picnic and hiking is always fun and revitalizing until you encounter an emergency that needs instant lighting source. These awesome green product can save the day. They are durable and battery-packed with solar power lasting up to 6-12 hrs on a full charge.

Keep them under the sun, charging all day while you enjoy your day doing other activities, then use them through the night as a light source. Some of the best solar-powered flashlights include Thorfire Solar Flashlight, Swiss Safe Solar Flashlight, and Goal Zero Torch 250.

4) Solar Bike Lock

Its more endurable to step into a pile of horse shit than to have your parked bike go missing. Using the solar bike lock makes it more convenient for you or your friends to have access to your bike. Its connected to a mobile app that lets you lock or unlock your bike at some distance.

It is a green product since the lock is charged by means of a small solar panel fitted to the lock. A one hour charge under the sun can keep the lock in use up to 7 days. Skylock is one of such solar bike locks. There are several other models out there to choose from.

5) Solar Camping Lantern:

To light up your camping adventure, you may need these adorable lanterns close at hand. Just like the solar-powered flashlights, they are charged by placing them under the sun.

This green product will give you the option to light up your camping tent and can serve as an emergency light. Some models can be charged by means of Crank Dynamo, Car Adapter, AC Adapter or AA Battery.

Solar powered lanterns can last up to 48 hours after a full charge of 5-6 hours. Among the best solar lanterns to choose from include; Suaoki, D-light S30, AGPTEK Solar Lantern, LuminAID PackLite and  Blazin’ Solar Lantern. You can never go wrong buying these green product and contribute sustainable living.

6) Eco Flow River (battery pack)

Eco flow river is a powerful, portable, noiseless, fume-less, durable generator capable of powering up to 9 device simultaneously. It’s capacity of 370 Watt Hour (100000mAH at 3.7v) will provide you all the power requirement you need for your home use or camping adventure.

Eco flow was founded in 2017 and has since developed series of battery for drones and other light weight devices.

The eco flow river is a green product that can be recharged by means of a solar panel or mains supply when the power gets low. Be warned that heavy appliances should not be powered using this appliance to avoid damaging the unit.

A charge of 4-8 hrs will give a full charge to the device, setting it up in event of an outage.

7) Solar Backpack

If you are hiking in the woods, on a plane or train during travels, or waiting for class to start at school, the solar backpack can be just what you need to recharge your portable devices.

Solar-powered backpacks are essentially portable solar panels and a battery back capable of powering up your smartphones, GPS Systems, external battery packs, MP3 Players, eReader, Bluetooth Speakers or GoPros.

Most models have built in USB charging, Bluetooth speakers, socket for wall charging and removable solar charger. It is capable of charging up to 6 device at a time and can last up to 6 hrs after full charge.

Some trending solar-powered backpack are Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger, ECEEN Hiking Backpack, FARAZ Solar Backpack, and Sunkingdom Solar Power Backpack.

The next time you go camping, hiking, on a plane or to school or work, grab a solar-powered backpack to reduce your carbon footprint and make use of the sunshine.

8) Solar Refrigerator

trendingproductshub green energy products

Sustainable living is incomplete if you still waste useful energy in preserving your food items. Electricity-driven refrigerators consume energy but the solar refrigerators are designed to consume lesser amount of power which is supplied by means of solar panels.

Like the typical electricity-driven refrigerators, the solar refrigerator also has similar parts such as the compressor, expansion valve, condenser and freezer or the evaporator.

However, the solar refrigerators has built-inverter system that converts dc voltage from a dc battery, to ac voltage which powers the compressor.

The solar AC system works on the same principle. Some trending solar refrigerators include; Smad 12V Compact mini Fridge, ACOPOWER 4°F True Freezing Refrigerator and Ecosolar Cool Solar Refrigerator.

9) Solar window blinds

This is one of the most sought after trending green product in the building and housing industry. The regular window blinds already encourages sustainable living since it prevents sunlight from heating up the room; reducing the need to run an air conditioner.

However, using solar window blinds takes it a step further, making it possible to efficiently trap the sunlight that heats the blinds and store it in a cell.

This stored energy can be used to light up the room, run solar air conditioner and power small units. Additionally, the blinds use a light emitting diode sensor to track the sun light, automatically changing the angle of the slats in order to best absorb its rays.

10) Solar Home Security Led Light:

Securing our homes, offices and businesses from theft and burglary is easier with the security light installed at strategic locations around the building. In order to save cost of running cables from one location to the other, the solar-powered home security led light is installed.

In addition to saving cost, this device is sustainable and easy to maintain. Some of the best and trending solar security light you can buy today are: BAXIA Technology BX-SL-101, Utech 118 High Bright Solar LED Lights, and Westinghouse Solar Light

11) Solar Cars

A solar car is simply a self-driving car that recharges itself by means of sunlight. It has the capability to drive upto 500 miles depending on the model of the car.

This green product is a dream come true for sustainable living advocates since carbon dioxide-emitting vehicles can now be jettisoned for the environmentally friendly solar cars.

Some notable solar car models include Sion, The Stella Ersa, Lightyear One and Squad Mobility. These cars are built with light weight materials and packed with powerful batteries that can keep them running for a long time.

Though the are costly now but future advancement will most likely make them more affordable for the general public.


Most green products for personal use, home and office-use are solar-powered because of its compact nature and flexibility-since it can be used to manufacture a variety of products. Sustainable living is possible if we take take responsibility and change the kind of gadgets we use everyday.

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