10+ Awesome Facts About Hydroelectric Power

facts about hydroelectric power

What is Hydroelectric Power? Power is the capacity to do work as we learnt in our basic physics lessons. Now, hydroelectric power and hydropower can be used interchangeable to mean the source of power generated from water sources. It is a renewable source of energy. Although renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind … Read more

20+ Useful Home Supplies During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Panic buying during the covid-19 pandemic and its impact on global health is number one (1) on the list of consequences of Covid-19 (corona virus) on global market as soon as its declaration as a pandemic on March 11, 2020. As an international phenomenon, panic buying posses threat to health systems’ ability to prevent and … Read more

25+ Best Ways to Attain Sustainable Living in Any Country (EPISODE 2020)

eco-friendly materials

The long awaited 2020 is already here,and so many countries are rushing to meet up with the 2015 sustainable development goal promise- to attain sustainable living by the end of 2030. However, the COVID-19 pandemic posed a huge drawback to this vision. Countries like Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, Norway, Malta, and France have done … Read more

10+ Trending Green Products for Sustainable Living.

Green energy and sustainable living

Why Green Products? It doesn’t matter what the scientists, eco-friendly advocates or the government is saying regarding environmental impact of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources, what matters is how observant we are on the latest changes in our immediate environment. The result of this impact stare us right in the face daily, but we … Read more