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Important Note…

If you want to write personal blogs, take this note very seriously. Here is it – previous studies show that over 80% of now expert bloggers have reported wanting to quit blogging for something else more “interesting, entertaining or profitable”. This also, I have experienced when starting out in 2018.

There is this nostalgic feeling about blogging for the first time, but do not despair, it’s just our human nature.

Learning something new can sometimes be overwhelming, I get it…I have been there severally but, to ease the tension, we resorted to advice, tips and guides from people who might have passed through our present challenges.

There are case studies I have curated from expert bloggers which I have summarized in this article as a guide to write personal blogs that matter nowadays more than ever. This is to keep you motivated through thick and thin walls of blogging.

Let’s dive in!

Before we proceed, beware that the number of websites and blogs on the internet keeps increasing every second, but do not despair. Believe you are in this adventure with lots of others just like you and keep on pushing further! 

It’s surprising the tons of traffic the big guys in the blogging industry generate which keeps the newbies like you and me in total awe of how they got things running.

You keep wondering, “how do these guys do this stuff?”

I have good news for you. It’s all same process: they most definitely once passed through the phase you are in RIGHT NOW! and have become expert bloggers over time.

So, take a chill pill and learn the surest route to up your blogging adventure and have one the best blog site this year

I present to you the 10 important expert guide for the best blog site that you need to imbibe for improved ranking on google search result.

1. Decide early on which niche to focus on

Most bloggers often hop into the bandwagon of blogging without actually planning through to the end. If you must make a plan, you must plan all the way through. Having the best blog site that ranks on google’s top 10 doesn’t just happen, you need a plan!

That is why from the onset of your blogging career, you must decide on the niche you want to write about. Your niche is like the destination where your blog is headed for. Examples of niches one can blog about include:

  • Finance
  • Renewable energy
  • Entertainment News
  • Home Gears
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Web development
  • Food and Nutrition

The list goes on and on…

I decided on my niche before choosing a domain name for my blog site. That’s how important it is to make plans and decide. Google is constantly improving its user experience, by bringing to the top page the most relevant and direct answer to search queries.

In other words, searches are becoming more specific and sites with the most relevant information will likely appear on the first page (with other SEO factors in place).

Write personal blogs

Failure to decide early on the niche to focus on will ultimately make your blog non-directional and Google

can hardly rank such sites.

If you are in the news niche, be sure to be up to date with the trending topics and update your blog to keep being relevant.

The same applies to any other niche you chose to blog about. Moreso, the blog becomes less appealing to you in the long run because it is disorganized.

2. Write articles consistently

You have chosen a perfect niche and seen several topics to write about. Well, good for you! But the topics have to be written.

Blogging means writing and to become an effective blogger, you must be a prolific and consistent writer.

This is where your passion comes in. Your passion will drive you to the niche choice and provide that burning desire to keep writing even when you don’t feel like it.

Most experts write this way and I have been following this same pattern. It works great! Having the best blog site is not a piece of pie you know, so, “Write as often as you possibly can,” says Erin Loechner, design and lifestyle blogger at Design for Mankind.

“This does not mean publish as often as you possibly can. Get in the habit, work on your craft. Discover your voice. It takes great practice and great patience. Do it anyway. Sit down in your chair and type it out. Edit later. Publish later. For now, just write.”

write personal blogs in 2021

Writing and publishing content for your blog site as often as possible affects the way Google crawls your blog.

Google has a special QDF (Query Deserves Freshness) ranking factor that gives preference to news and stories when it comes to search engine visibility for the first time.

So, keep putting up those content cos it matters a lot.

3. Quality content is king

Have you ever wondered why you find some blog posts more interesting to read than other posts?

It’s quite obvious, there is this “juice” in the content and that’s the taste of quality.

Interesting posts keep you engaged all through to the end. They push readers to comment and/or perform any other action after reading your post.

I devote more time to research my content than I do while writing the content.

Expert bloggers know this and that’s why Alex from caloriesecrets.com said ” I took the risk of hiring professionals to write the content for the blog. Each and every blog post published since then is written by certified professionals and it is also backed up by research studies and real data. ”

best blog site in 2020

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT throw in fluffs and mumbo jumbo content all over your content just to increase your word count. It leads to a dead-end.

Not only do you increase the bounce rate on your post but you also decrease your chance of ranking in any search engine.

To create the best blog site, always use concise and clear language to convey your message.

Expert bloggers know this, that’s why they make sure they hire or employ top-rated content writers to keep dishing out high-quality content for their valued readers.

4 Be proactive

For the expert bloggers, they know their blogs (posts) don’t belong to the “build it and leave it” business model. Like a flower, they have to water it from time to time to keep it fresh. Watering blogs means;

  • Updating the blog’s content when necessary
  • Asking for your reader’s opinion if necessary
  • Responding to readers comments when necessary

The list is endless. Only evergreen content can follow the “build it and leave it” model. Copyblogger verbosely talked about how to write evergreen content. It is a tasking procedure that needs a lot of practice to perfect.

Try as much as possible to respond to the first 50 comments on your posts. It helps build credibility and creates a connection between you and your readers.

You’ll get to know their view on the posts and their recommendations. It can also be an avenue to more blog ideas to write about in the future.you

Do not be rude to your readers no matter how harsh they may sound while commenting on your blog. Find a way around any argument raised and keep calm when necessary.

5 Be SEO conscious for content visibility

All expert bloggers know they are no good without properly optimizing their posts for search engines. Best blog sites leverage search engine optimization as a way of making their post (blog) easier to appear in an organic search result.

The organic search result is a natural search query presented to a user by a search engine ( google, yahoo, bing, etc ). The organic search result drives free traffic to the site owner whenever the user clicks on it.

It also increases the ranking factor of the site. Google search engine has more than 200 ranking factors that a website needs to factor-in to rank #1 in google’s organic search result.

There are a number of SEO tools( plugins) that will always guide you and make the process a lot easier. You can always check them and use them as a guide for your SEO requirement.

I use Rank Math and Yoast. Ahrefs always helps with finding the right keywords.

I will advise you to learn the basics of SEO before punching in your content so you won’t have to rewrite the whole content to be search engine optimized.

6 Be Analytical

Being analytical simply means understanding the needs of your audience and knowing what they expect from you.

This is a psychological factor and this will keep your audience coming back for more, simply because you understand them. Think of it as reading the minds of your audience.

You do this prior to writing the content. I will advise you not to just dish out content based on how you feel, but always put yourself in the shoes of your audience while writing.

You can do this through the social media channels and the comment section of your previous posts. Tap into their emotion and show empathy.

7 Experimenting is always encouraged

When it comes to getting it right at the first try, only a few can write personal blogs successfully without Blogging is not easy at first but gets easier when it becomes a routine.

Most expert bloggers have reported coming back to their first post; laughing, and wondering what the heck they were thinking when they wrote the article. It’s a process that takes practice and tons of experimentations to perfect.

  • Experiment with new trends and always be on the lookout for news that will keep you at pace with updates.
  • Experiment with different styles of writing, the structure of your posts and the use of outbound links in your blog post. Use analytics to track the effectiveness of your experiments.

Experimenting lets you know what works and what doesn’t work. Expert bloggers always have some experiments to carry out up their sleeves.

So, do not let your guard down thinking you have arrived when the journey just began. Keep the ideas rolling in; after all, it is your blog.

8 Be as Original as Possible

Copying someone’s blog post will not do yours any good since you are looking for the best blog site. Your website will not rank in any search engine and your site can also be penalized by Google if noticed.

Your thoughts and opinions are always unique in their own way so don’t feel inferior in any way by copying someone. Share those thoughts, expand upon it by doing more research, and making it more understandable to more readers.

You can also choose to be more concise in your writing by summarizing a topic you find interesting in another blog post.

Give credit to the blog owners by sending free traffic (backlinks) to their website. Expert bloggers always do this but, with better dexterity.

They use infographics and some data to make it look like a whole new blog post. This keeps readers always coming back for more.

Re-posting can be successful if done correctly. You can gain new audience by simply working with what others are already saying. Just be sure to make it unique and give credit when necessary.

9 Use social media channels extensively

Social media is becoming a huge source of free traffic nowadays. Data from social media statistics show there are 3.5 billion social media users in the world and this number keeps growing.

Targeting social media channels as your means of getting traffic is a super cool way to gain free traffic and increase site visitors. Create an account with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc and start promoting your sites using these sites.

Make sure to read the privacy policy of these sites so you won’t be penalized.

10 Use images, Gifs and/or Videos to boost engagement.

Images, GIFs, and videos are great ways to make your blog post visually compelling. It improves engagement and of course SEO. Google and other search engines love relevant images.

An infographic image with correct alt tags, gifs that buttresses on the idea shared, video description of what you really mean is always SEO friendly. Do not be scared to use these tools as they are always there to make your life a little easier. There are other tools that are of great importance.

In summary.

  1. Decide which niche to focus on from the onset.
  2. Write articles consistently.
  3. Quality content is king.
  4. Be proactive.
  5. Be SEO conscious for content visibility.
  6. Be analytical.
  7. Experimenting is always encouraged.
  8. Be as original as possible.
  9. Use social media channels extensively.
  10. Use images,gifs,and/videos to boost engagement.

And there you have it, 10 experts guide for best blog site in 2020.

Let me know what you think of these guidelines, be free to include your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cheers and Happy blogging!

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