15 Trending and Best Home Fitness Equipment 2021

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2020 came with lots of challenges and most of us were able to rediscover ourselves. We were able to find new ways of living a healthy lifestyle and witnessed the amazing benefit of having a workout routine especially during the lockdown. And we are here again to continue the trend but this time, in a better and more flexible way- using the best home fitness equipment and tools.

So, whether you’re going to create a home workout in a small space, or ready to hit the gym for that dream body physique, make sure these best home fitness equipment are on your go to list.

Looking to work out more often, but don’t want to cough out diamonds for a gym membership or pricey boutique fitness classes? You got no more excuses! These workout essentials will help you sweat it out at home—no gym membership necessary whatsoever!

Pick and choose from our curated list of gears (weights, medicine balls, yoga mats, and much more) to create a home gym room that works for you. I promise, they have been researched to give you the perfect and quality work out experience. Happy gymming!

1. Exercise Ball

She is sitting right on it! The exercise ball is an under-utilized and underrated workout equipment probably because of its simple looking shape with semblance of a balloon. Well, it not. The exercise not only assists you to stretch, it helps in improving your balance and can assist you with a lot of several weight-bearing exercises. 

The BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball is trending and has been on the list of the best home fitness equipment since 2018.

This exercise ball also serves as a core stabilizer when sat on; either while you are watching TV or when you are at your desk. It is a professional graded ball which inflates very quickly and made of an anti-burst casting. 

Key features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Do your work out anywhere
  • Use for all forms of exercise
  • Portable and burst proof

2. Weighted arm bands

A little weight on either arm or ankle goes a long way in keeping your arms fit and strong. Clocking in at 0.5–1 kg, this weighted wristwear adds a touch more resistance to everyday exercise.

Weighted arm bands can be a great way to add small amounts of resistance to your training, or as part of rehabilitation when dumbbells aren’t suitable.

Our best pick in this category is the Reebok Ankle Weights. They are durable

So, which exercises should we use them for?

They’re great for arm exercises, such as bicep curls or triceps kickbacks; some rotator cuff exercises like internal and external rotations; and shoulder exercises such as presses, shrugs and lateral raises.

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Very durable.
  • Comfortable, adjustable and secure

3. Resistance bands

This is a do-it-yourself relatively inexpensive option to build body strength, stability and improve heart health while working out at home. Going to the gym for this is not really necessary or is it?.

Resistance bands are elastic bands that adds more strength to your muscle when you work out at home. It can be used for many types of exercises that can help you tone your whole body using a relatively simple piece of equipment.

Want a rounder butt? Wear the bands around your quads (both), ankles, or knees during squats, bridges, or banded walks. This will help wake up those lazy glutes and give the size you truly want.

On the list of best home fitness equipment to choose in this category, our pick is ELVIRE SPORT Resistance Bands (3 Pack)

The resistance bands is also useful in body fat burning while increasing the strength of the muscles. It’s also known to assist in boosting stamina and improve flexibility. As your strength improves, you would want to change your resistance band as your muscles are getting stronger. It’s why a set that has several levels of resistance is a good buy. Resistance could range from 10lbs to 30lbs weights.

Key features:

  • 3 band set
  • It’s durable
  • Result visible within 30 days

4 Dumbbells

best fitness products

Dumbbells are undoubtedly one of the most popular pieces of home fitness equipment ever made. They make up one of the basic tools of the strength training trade and form part of millions of people’s workouts gear around the world on a regular basis.

The feature image in this post clearly depicts a macho man pulling his dumbbells while taking a selfie. Dumbbells remains one of the trending and best home fitness equipment to buy this 2021. They have remained useful for a very long time.

The dumb bells are great for building the perfect home gym. They can be used for a simple full body workout as well as helping you get stronger.

Our pick for the best dumbbell for your home fitness session is the ISOGYM Adjustable Dumbbell

They are of different shapes, sizes and material composition. Weight range can be from 2.5kg up to 30kg each. Weights can also be adjusted in the adjustable dumb bell types.

Key features:

  • Adjustable weight range (2kg – 20kg)
  • Durable material
  • soft and comfortable handle bar

5 Treadmill

Treadmills are great for cardio exercises which you can easily set up from the comfort of your home and it is a great addition to any at-home work out setup.

Though treadmill’s features vary depending on specific makes and models, the most important points to consider are power, reliability, and comfort.

Compared to other types of machines, treadmills are also incredibly simple to use. You just run or walk on the belt, and a motor moves it under your feet at whatever speed you select. Check out the CITYSPORTS Folding Motorised Treadmill. They have awesome features you can’t resist.

The first thing you must do before buying a treadmill is think about your fitness objectives. Whether it’s enhanced athletic performance, general health and fitness, rehabilitation, etc. Knowing how you will use your treadmill can help you identify which model to buy.

Key features:

  • Very portable and durable
  • Adjustable
  • Touch screen

6 Yoga Mat

Yoga exercise and practice has been in existence for more than 10,000 years. It is said to have originated from ancient India. It’s a combination of mental, physical and spiritual exercise.

Yoga exercise require some gadgets to make for exciting experience and the most important of all is the yoga mat. This is essential so you can perform your yoga routines effectively at home or wherever your enthusiastic spirit takes you. It’s good to invest in a yoga mat for personal use and hygienic purposes.

You can just roll it out on your balcony or even in the hotel room of a foreign city. Select your most ideal choice from the numerous types of Yoga mats. You can start with Uong Yoga Mat. It is made with eco-friendly materials.

Key features:

  • Its large and comfortable to feel
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip material

7 Sliders

Sliders are recently trending as one of the must-haves in every standard work out session. Sliders are great for increasing core strength, toughness and length of the muscles. Its easy to use and very portable to carry incase you want to check out other spots for exercising.

If you are looking to beef up your home gym or are still on the hunt for a few pieces of equipment to make exercising at home a bit more challenging, do well to include workout sliders in your arsenal.

For trending products hub’s best pick for sliders, its definitely the elite core exercise sliders. They have unique designs and made with exceptionally durable materials.

All the weight it needs for perfect operations is the body weight. They help to build stability, tone the muscles and improve flexibility.

Key features:

  • Its light weight
  • works on all kind of surfaces

8 Kettle bells

If you want an implement an all-around workout routine, you’re going to want at least one kettlebell. From goblet squats to swings, you can get a ton of work done within a limited amount of space.

Kettlebells are a highly useful work out tool for fat loss and body toning. They increase core strength and target muscles that dumbbells or barbells can’t reach. Kettlebells look like cast iron bowling balls with a handle.

York Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell is our best pick in this category. This soft-yet-powerful one is even safe for your home floors even if you drop it mistakenly.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design makes handling easy
  • Tough vinyl coating material impedes wearing
  • Comes with different sizes for different work out groups

9 Rowing machine

While rowing is primarily a cardio exercise. It’s also a great way to incorporate some muscle training into your workouts and few devices are quite as spectacular at mimicking such workouts in your home as rowing a boat. This makes rowing a full body work out exercise.

The Sportstech RSX500 Rowing Machine does this efficiently. Read on to see why this is our best pick for the best home fitness equipment of 2021.

Like all other cardio gear featured on our list so far, this piece of home workout equipment has a slew of features to maximize your workouts. Regular workouts on this rower can help you burn calories, tone muscles, and give you increased energy. On a regular basis, a workout on this rowing machine burns an average of 600 calories an hour.

Key features:

  • Integrates with smart fitness app, e-Health to optimize your next generation training.
  • LCD display of 12 pre-programmed training instructions + 4x HRC function for heart rate based training + 500m competition mode
  • Magnetic braking system with 16 resistance levels – 7 KG flywheel and ergonomic-built seat with ball bearing on high quality aluminum rail.

10 Battle rope

Challenge yourself to make your cardio even tougher at home or outdoor with these battle ropes. Perform slams, waves, and more—but you’ll need a strong anchor and plenty of space.

Battle ropes are not new and will continue to trend for a long time. They’ve been around since the mid-nineties and interest has steadily increased to the point where nearly all gyms have a set.

Along with increased core strength and fat loss, battle ropes provide an intense cardio workout to ensure you burn those fat and build your dream body shape.

Our best pick for the battle rope is the CCLIFE battle rope.

Key features:

  • Convenient and non-slippery grip
  • 100% polypropylene and polyester, won’t wear away or leave fiber on the floor, wear-resisting and durable, tensile strength is high.
  • Different length and diameter can be provided according to fitness level.
  • Portable and flexible.

11 Garage Fit Plastic Gymnastic Rings

The gymnastic rings can be credited for helping to build more strength and muscle in your upper body and core. If smartly planned, ring training combines strength, hypertrophy and joint health, forcing your body to work in unexpected ways.

Transitioning your body around the rings from a variety of positions requires a significant amount of upper body strength and control.

Now, if you have used the gymnastic rings, you will be familiar with the monthly replacement of the wooden gym rings. This is a tiring and expensive routine. To get the premium quality set of rings that will last as long as your strength can carry you, then look no further.

Garage Fit gymnastic rings brings to you a new elite standard in cross training equipment. These plastic gymnastic rings are a step above the rest in appearance and support. Fashioned to resemble the rings used in influential training gyms, the quality is nothing short of excellence.

Key features:

  • Very affordable
  • High grip power and comfortable to use
  • Used for different kinds of gymnastic exercises

12 Power Tower

A power tower is a multi-purpose piece of exercise equipment found in most gyms; it works great at home too.

It allows you use your body weight to provide a good upper body workout. Power towers are great workout tools for pull-up, chin-ups, and push-ups amongst other bodyweight exercises to achieve desired body type.

Our fitness product pick in this category is the Aritone Power tower station. This product is made of reinforced steel. Installed on the tower is a foam armrest, back support, and anti-slip elbow pads to reduce any pressure on your joints. It can support riders weight up to 400 pounds.  

This chin-up station features a height adjustment system and has 6 levels. This makes it an excellent choice for people of all ages, and ensures that anyone who uses it will get an incredible upper body workout

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design suitable for all ages and sizes
  • Made with very durable materials

13 Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner. You’d have to run an eight-minute mile to walk off more calories than you’d burn jumping rope.

To start jumping rope, you’ll need a four-by-six-foot area space, and about 20 inches of space above your head. The exercise surface is very important. Do not attempt to jump on carpet, grass, concrete, or asphalt. While carpet reduces impact, the downside is it grabs your shoes and can twist your ankle or knee. Use a wood floor, piece of plywood, or an impact mat made for exercise.

There are thousands of jumping rope makes you can choose from, but have a look at the awesome reviews and quality of the Goxrunx Skipping rope.

Key features:

  • Comfortable handles
  • Adjustable lengths
  • Durable and tangle-free

14 Power Cage

The power cage/rack is a great workout tool that allows you to lift heavy weights safely. Unlike traditional machines in the gym, the power rack is extremely versatile. You can use it for back squats, front squats, shoulder press, deadlifts, bench press and heavy rows.

Its like a housing for other exercise equipment in the gym. The barbell and dumbbell can be stacked at different location around the power cage

The power rack is great for barbell training. In true playground-fashion though, it offers bodyweight training options as well. Usually every power rack has a pullup bar attached on top. This is handy, when you want to train deadlifts and pullups within the same workout.

For each exercise the barbell needs to be placed at a different height. This ensures maximum safety and minimal energy wasted to get the bar into the right position. Our top pick is the Sunny power rack system.

Key features:

  • Durable and can withstand up to 600lbs weight load
  • Easy to set up

15 Exercise Bike

An indoor exercise bike should be on the top list if you want to engage in some serious work out session. When it comes to cardio machines, a stationary bike is one of the best ways to get your heart-rate up and muscles burning. Plus, pedaling has a pretty impressive power to lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and overall mortality.

More so, like all the best cardio exercises, cycling this cardio machine can help you make headway toward your fitness goals. Due to its low joint impact, spinning can be used for endurance training.

YOSUDA stationary exercise bike is our best pick here. Let check out its key features:

Key features:

  • LCD monitor display to help tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer
  • Steel frame for durability
  • Ergonomic design to accommodate different sizes


Maintaining healthy lifestyle and good body structure requires hard work, determination, lots of discipline and time. Your wellbeing is highly dependent on these qualities. No matter your budget, there is something for everyone. Make the plans and have a go at it. One step at a time.

Happy gyming!

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