10 Easy Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2021

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Business of the 21st century has evolved multiple times and its no surprise that affiliate marketing has evolved as well into what it has become to this day. Many people sort ways to start affiliate marketing program (as affiliates/marketers) and earn passive income or promote their products (as merchants/vendors) to a greater consumers. It seems … Read more

12 Hidden Challenges of an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

challenges of eco-friendly lifestyle

“Earth is the only planet we have in common, the only place life exists at the moment, the only place we can call home – let’s protect it” So goes the admonition of eco-friendly advocates. In as much as this is of great value and undoubtedly, a meaningful quote, there are notwithstanding unavoidable challenges of … Read more

10 Steps on How to Build a Solar Panel – All the Facts to Know

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Commercial solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in recent times mainly because of increasing awareness on how to live a sustainable lifestyle, its advantages and disadvantages. Sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle will encourage individuals, industries, and government agencies, to reduce the amount green house gases generated by the use of fossil fuels, keep the environment free … Read more

25 Amazing Reasons Why We Use Solar Power at Home.

about solar power for homes

What is Solar Power? Solar radiation is a form of energy called solar energy which is a combination of light energy and heat energy. The sun reaches the earth by radiation and using solar energy to do work is termed solar power or insolation. Solar power is therefore the conversion of solar energy from the sun into electricity (or … Read more